ikoo thermal treatment wrap


ikoo thermal treatment wrap


The Termal Treatment Wrap

The new ikoo Thermal Treatment Wrap is an amazing new product for your hair, from the ikoo infusions line. The new ikoo Thermal Treatment Wrap is a hair mask that helps to repair your hair structure and reduces negative abuse from the environment and other influences. Receive a wellness experience by the pleasant warm effect while allowing the substances to penetrate your hair structure for a healthier hair. Get a professional and intensive care in only 20 minutes, works on every hair type for both men and women.

Every process has a better performance, when the process has a certain temperature. That is the amazing idea behind the Thermal Treatment Wrap. Whan using the wrap it becomes warm, and the nutrition elements and vitamins can better reach the internal structure of your hair. So they work much better and you have got a much better efficiency of the hair care substances. After the wellness treatment has finished, you just shortly wash you hair and start with your styling as usualy. It is as easy.

The Thermal Treatment Wrap can be used on every hair type and offers a professional and intensive care at home, in only 20 minutes!

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