ikoo style assistant spray


ikoo style assistant spray


3in1 Style Assistant Spray

Ikoo created a new amazing Style Assistant Spray that helps you to create a perfect styling. It will also protect your hair and take care of it.

When you are styling your hair you need to use heat to get the effect you want, no matter if you are just drying it, you create curls or you are straightening your hair. The Style Assistant Spray offers the optimal preparation for your hair when you want to use warm tools. The hair remains strong and shiny, and does not dry out. Your styling will last longer and you will have more pleasure with your look.

The Style Assistant Spray contains a lot of care components, which support the structure of your hair. These are natural extracts, as for example moisturizing Argan oil, which strengthen your hair. The structure of your hair will become better and so you will not have to complain split ends as much as before. Argan oil is only one of the increment on the Style Assistant Spray. Others are Jojoba, provitamin A and vitamin E which protect and care your hair, and help you to get the best styling for your hair.

Perfect hair styling solution

With our new ikoo style assistant spray, styling will become more easy and secure. The danger of damaged, dry hair, only because of the use of heat styling tools is minimized. Your hair structure will become more and more better.


  • Preparation for heat-styling to protect the hair
  • Enables long lasting hair styling and a perfect look
  • Natural ingredients as Argan oil and Jojoba teke care of your hair
  • Supports a brillant look and a perfect finish

Usage of the Style Assistant Spray

    1. Before starting the styling you should wash you hair very extensively. The better the ingedents can be absorbed and help your hair
    2. The spray should be used in dry hair.
    3. You should keep a distance of about 50cm while using the spray, so the fluids are well distributed throughout
    4. Use the styling tools as usually to get the look you like

Creating a lasting professional styling has never been that easy!

Our innovative style assistant spray is available right now – try it out!

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