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Optimal blow-out results in 3 easy steps – with the paddle X pops!

Optimal air circulation

Integrated into the bristle panel lies one of the most elaborate features of the paddle X: the iconic X-shaped ventilation slots. Allowing excess heat to escape before hurting the hair structure, air circulation while blow-drying is key to healthy and shiny hair.

paddle X pops beluga black ventilation
paddle x metallic colors

Sleek & Handy

Every woman needs her styling essentials to go – with paddle X pops we offer you the well-known paddle X features in a compact and handy format. Optimal handling, hair detangling and the massage features – the perfect package!

paddle X pops collection

beluga black

Elegant black never fails.

To the product

platinum white

Pure white as it can be.

To the product

paddle x metallics mini slider png

paddle X mini slider png

paddle x metallics mini slider png

Metallicpaddle X pops mini slider png

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